Prepared only with the highest quality of ingredients, Kracks is a delightful snack you can share with your family and friends to add that extra bit of crunch to your day. Encompassing a wide range of glorious treats, the brand delivers the finest flavours to you.

Original Taste

Kracks Original marks the quintessence of golden crusty crispiness. Every crunch it makes is set to bring a mouthful of satisfaction to your taste buds. Lightly salted for that extra oomph, this is comfort at its best.

Sour Cream & Onion

Bite into the wholesome flavour of crunchier and crispier snacks in the all time favourite sour cream and mouth watering onion flavoured potato crisps.


Kracks cheese crisps are heavenly treat for all cheese lovers. These golden crunches of cheesy goodness are generously dusted with cheese powder, Releasing a heavy cream aroma.


A favourite amongst party-goers, this smoky, zesty barbecue-flavoured treat will give you the mouth watering relishes of char grilled delicacies along with barbecue marinates and rubs


Kracks Tomato crisps liven up your palate through savoury pleasures and epicurean delights derived from earth’s natural garden.


Combining the original intense and wonderfully spicy taste of Japanese horseradish with the signature golden crispiness of Kracks crisps, hits burning flavoour will awake your senses.


Made from grinding dried pods of pepper plant, paprika gives Kracks crisps a distinctly mild but sweet flavour and exudes pleasantly fragrant aroma at the same time.

Hot & Spicy

Fiery and explosive, Kracks Hot & Spicy wills et your taste buds on fire! Seasoned with the hottest of spices, it will keep you coming back for more flaming sensations!

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